Batteries Not Included: Life before Flash, Big Camera, and X-Mount with Fuji X10

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I’m a X-Photographer although some may disagree because of the kind of photographer I am. Sans my dual flash setup, I am a “journalistic” like photographer and lover of landscapes. Originally, I was a graphic designer with a Fuji x10 and hated being home on the weekends. I have always been taking photos of people and my surroundings since high school. Documenting friends, strangers I’ve met, dorm parties, or recording my nightlife adventures.

In 2012, I was in the market for a compact digital camera that I could carry with me at all times. Preferably, I wanted a Micro Four Thirds camera with a hotshoe for an external flash. I knew these cameras were portable and less obtrusive to use in public. Olympus had some buzz back then with the OM-D but it was out of my price range. After sometime I purchased the Pentax Q from Adorama for about $500 USD. After one weekend I returned it for store credit. The camera was too small, lacked an viewfinder and had this hideous 18-55mm lens that weighed down the camera.

Furthermore, I realized I did not want to commit to another lens system. If things got too political with which lens to purchase then I might as well buy a wider lens for my DSLR. Hence, my next decision for a camera would be a great compact with a fixed lens. This described the Fuji X100 perfectly. However, the store credit did not last long when I saw the Fuji X10 on display. The size, the screen, the dodgy optical viewfinder was perfect. I bought the camera used and never looked back.

The menus and firmware on the camera was the best I had seen at the time. I fell in love with the color using the different film simulations. The camera had turned into a companion and I brought it everywhere with me. The camera just inspired me to use it manually and I got used to juggling ISO, shutter and aperture. I used the camera without a flash and love how the JPEGs absorbed color and ambient light. Yes, there were many times where I did not use a flash and many times where I even used the pop up flash. The pop up flash was a little assistant for portraits when trying to absorb ambient light when lighting a subject in the foreground.

Currently I am debating if I should get the X30 or the new X70 because the 180 screen does seem awesome for vLogging.

These shots are JPEG’s because I was too lazy to figure out how to shoot RAW.
All shots were taken manually and once again, no flash need. Batteries not included.

[From Top To Bottom: Wrestlemania 29, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, EDC NYC]

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