Summer Fridays: How To Make New Friends in Meatpacking

troy_meatpacking 2

#1 – Have a camera.

#2 Tell new friend you want to see her flirt on the hood of a taxi cab (pay cabbie 2 bucks and tell him it’s for a minute).troy_meatpacking3

#3 Keep an eye out for awesome people. I picked out Pop driving his 1964 Chevy down Gansevoort street and asked him if he wanted to chill and take some photographs. It’s about bringing people together.

#4 Everyone wants to be in a group selfie. Period.troy_meatpacking_-35

#5 Have a friend who can shift vibes and seek experiences with verbal interaction. Someone who isn’t on their phone the entire night.

#6 Find an area to sit at and set up shop. Enough camera flashes and you’ll attract strangers to hang out with you. Like moths to a flame. troy_meatpacking_-66

#7 Have a vaporizer to share.


#8 Anyone wearing kool graphic t’s in meatpacking are most likely kool. These people are usually happy and don’t care that they stick out in a place full of pastel button-ups. Friend them on instagram so you can unfriend them in a few months.troy_meatpacking_-136

#9 Meet a couple who needs that “push” to seal the deal.troy_meatpacking_-137

#10 By “push”, I mean quickly suggest they kiss on camera.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


#11 See someone outside taking a party/cigarette break? Get into conversation with them and ask how their night has been. Always ask where they’re going next. Sometimes they invite you to an after hours spot or sometimes you might have a new muse to photograph.troy_meatpacking_-167

#12 Flow with positive energy and you’ll meet some exciting people who do the same.

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